EPI-KIT software
Universal tool for magnetotelluric and controlled-source EM data processing on a commercial scale
The EPI-KIT software is designed for advanced analysis and processing of raw magnetotelluric (MT) or controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) data.

The implemented algorithms are thoroughly tested and kept up to date, which ensures high quality and reliability of the obtained results.

Main options

For convenience in handling EM data, EPI-KIT is equipped with a large set of tools, grouped by their functional. Each group of tools is responsible for a certain stage of working with the acquired data.
1. Map
The work in EPI-KIT begins with looking through the survey site locations in space and positions of the corresponding records on a time scale. This option is useful for tracing the field work progress, as well as visual inspection of the differences between the planned and actual survey site locations. The cartographic information is taken from publicly available sources in the Internet. After a map is previewed or downloaded, it is placed into the cache folder and thus remains available even after the connection to the Internet is lost.
2. Acquisition parameters
The second tab allows the EPI-KIT user to review and edit the record titles, dipole lengths, electrode resistances, serial numbers of the employed receivers and coils, as well as many other acquisition parameters of any taken record. Some of these parameters (such as the serial numbers of the employed equipment, azimuth and length of the electric dipoles, etc.) will be used in further processing.
3. Time series
The EPI-KIT user may inspect the acquired time series and manually reject the most noisy time intervals from processing. It is also possible to review and compare different records made by either one or several synchronized MT loggers on the same scale.
The signal amplitude is given in SI units, which makes the comparison of the data acquired by different MT equipment easier.
4. Data analysis
  • Estimation of power spectra.
  • Estimation of coherencies.
  • Estimation of various data characteristics and parameters (apparent resistivity, phase, ordinary and multiple coherences, misfit between impedance and admittance estimations, etc.) in a moving window.
  • Histogram plotting for all parameters of a given record.
  • Processing of the parallel testing and identity testing data.
5. Processing
The EPI-KIT software allows to estimate all major transfer function employed in magnetotellurics (the impedance tensor, tipper, telluric and magnetic tensors). If the CSEM data is considered, apart of the impedance tensor estimation there is also a possibility to compute the conventional CSEM transfer functions for various types of the employed source. The assigned tasks of the data processing are performed one by one in the background mode, and do not prevent the user from working with any other EPI-KIT tool.
Other options
Survey site list
Batch processing
Layout correction
Keeping the list of survey sites
This option is intended to help controlling the fieldwork progress and prepare the catalogue documentation. It offers:
• uploading a project in *.GPX, *KML, *.WPT and *.CSV formats;
• making a list of planned and actual survey sites;
• automatic calculation of the displacement distances between planned and actual survey sites;
• showing the site displacements on a survey map.
Background-mode batch processing
EPI-KIT has a special option for the efficient processing of large amount of data with similar parameters, which could be used by making three simple steps:

  1. specify the transfer functions you need to be estimated,
  2. specify the criteria for automatic choice of the employed channels and remote reference stations,
  3. launch the processing of all survey sites in one click.
Preview and analysis of the magnetic coils and receiving units calibrations
In this mode one may compare different calibration results and choose the ones to be employed in the data processing routine. An easy-to-use manager helps to monitor changes of the examined calibrations in time, and identify the improperly working equipment.
Correction of the layout parameters
This tool allows to correct some of the layout errors commonly commited by inexperienced field personnel during the station deployment, such as reversed sensor polarity or mixed-up connections of the electric lines and magnetic coils.

Data processing algorithm

Under the multifunctional graphic shell of EPI-KIT there is a powerful computational kernel, thoroughly developed over the years of hands-on experience and scientific research of the data processing issues. Some results and details could be found below:
List of relevant publications
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Starting from its origin back in 2012, the EPI-KIT software is being constantly developed in order to make the data processing routine more efficient.
Flexible algorithm
After many years of research and hands-on experiments we have developed a novel adaptive algorithm of data processing, which employs a separate approach for estimation of any given transfer function.
Rapid data processing
Optimized computational routine and memory allocation allowed to lower the system requirements and notably decrease the average processing time.
Various formats of input data
The EPI-KIT software is capable of working with the data files employed in the equipment manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics, Metronix, Nord-West, LEMI, etc. The data files from the global network of magnetic observatories INTERMAGNET are also supported.
User-friendly interface
The EPI-KIT interface is practical and simple, and could be easily used both in small-scale scientific or educational field surveys and large commercial projects.
Data formats
Input data
Phoenix Geophysics
acquisition parameters *.TBL
calibration files *.CLC и *.CLB
time series *.TS*
acquisition parameters *.INF
time-series text files *.T*
time-series binary files *.B*
Metronix ADU-07
header files *.XML
time series *.ATS
INTERMAGNET time-series text files *.SEC, *.MIN
Nord-West MARY PRO
acquisition parameters*.MPL,
time series *.W*

Nord-West NORD
data files *.NW1 (this format stores time series and data acquisition parameters in the same file)
Output data
Processing results
EDI-files in the SEG 1.0 format
Plots and maps
exported images in the JPG format
Cartographic database
cached map files for offline usage
Survey site lists and catalogues
tables in the CSV text format
System requirements
Personal computer with a dual-core processor 2GHz or better, and not less than 512 MB RAM
Operating system
Microsoft Windows XP or newer with the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 or later
USB port
There should be at least one free USB port avilable for connection of the EPI-KIT license key
For whom
Field operators
Powerful capabilities, advanced algorithm of data processing and friendly interface help a new EPI-KIT user to start getting good results from the very beginning.
Data processors
The user-friendly interface of EPI-KIT, designed for handling large amount of field data, makes it possible to increase the working efficiency of the geophysicists dealing with data processing.
Wide range of available tools allows the supervisor to effectively control the working process and field data quality, as well as preparing summary maps, catalogues and reports .
Data interpreters
Support of various input file formats and effective tools of record analysis allow joint use of the data obtained in different times and by different sets of equipment in the single project.
EPI-KIT perfectly suits the requirements of field operators and supervisors, who need to process and analyse the acquired data in a prompt manner, as well as those of office geophysicists dealing with processing and interpretation of large amounts of MT data.
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